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As a professional manufacturer and tooling specialist of plastic injection products, Chenway adheres to the philosophy of making the best quality products. With over two decades of experience, Chenway is confident to provide customer-satisfactory customization services. By insisting on quality, expertise, and rapid time-to-market policies, together with our continued search for perfection in every aspect, Chenway has gradually grown into a reliable one-stop turnkey solution provider.



Our Customized Service

Our professional tailor-made service and one-stop processing will bring your ideas into realization cost-effectively.
Thanks to our expertise and experience, our assessments prior to project kick-off will help customers avoid all possible incidents and further will save them considerable amount of time and money. This explains why we have won our customers’ trust.


Products By Industry

We have considerable experience of working with various industries, such as computer and mobile peripherals, home appliances, lighting device, sports commodities, automobile parts…etc., which has enabled us the ability to master the technology quickly and accurately.


Our capabilities

For a long period of time Chenway has been dedicated into the following services :
– Tooling design and Mold Opening
– Raw Material Selecting/Technical Service, Plastic Color Extraction, Single/Double Injection, Supply Chain Management
– Surface Treatment (Spray Coating and Printing), Assembly (semi-product and product), Product Testing, Packaging

These services have been completely trusted by our customers for many years.


Need Help ?

If you have any query, or wish to know more about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

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