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We have deep strength and rich experience in related fields, worthy of your trust

Multiple certifications

Accumulated years of R&D and technical capabilities

Plant area

The plant occupies an area of ​​500 square meters, provides sufficient production capacity and one-stop service, can flexibly support temporary needs at any time, and effectively saves your precious money and time.

Years of experience

Provide precise technical judgments and suggestions for the selection of plastic particles, surface treatment and other details before mass production, and follow rigorous verification steps to minimize the probability of possible problems and avoid wasting unnecessary time and money.

Automated manufacturing

Adhering to the spirit of excellence, continuously improving the manufacturing process, introducing automated production, vertically integrating design, manufacturing, and assembly, mastering product quality, expanding production capacity, and forming economic scale, constantly moving in the direction of reducing costs and improving quality, and strive to create a win-win situation with customers Fruit.

Experience in serving many industries

Since most cases have some plastic parts, it is necessary to use plastic injection to customize these parts. We have experience in cooperating with many industries and can quickly and accurately grasp the know-how of each part.


The industries we have mainly served are

  • 3C, communication electronics

  • Medical equipment

  • auto industry

  • Exquisite people’s livelihood products

idea. Realize

We have the ability to make your ideas live on paper before the development of the mold, and to make the discussion more precise and smooth.

Expert discussion

In all stages of plastic production and manufacturing, we have specialized personnel to evaluate and check customers, but you don’t need to use difficult professional language to communicate with them. Our single window allows you to easily grasp all processes and conditions, and each custom The transformed product will be an independent project, and an independent schedule will be set for it

Professional design drawing discussion

After preliminary discussions with our design experts, we can construct a set of 2D \ 3D Mold according to the customer’s needs, and then use the 2D \ 3D Mold to do further discussion, modify the assembly, and analyze the mold flow hot runner , And finally divided into multiple 2D construction drawings, so that customers can feel at ease to understand and master all the implementation details, and smoothly enter the mass production stage

Professional assessment

Completely evaluate all possible conditions before mass production for you, avoid unnecessary mistakes and save a lot of money for your wallet
Can the mold be opened?

Shengwei has its own complete mold opening equipment, and a well-skilled mold maker. We can quickly transform your ideas into various professional computer design drawings to provide a complete initial discussion. Profession and experience ensure that you can “design in place at one time” to save your time and money.

Can it be mass produced?

Shengwei has produced thousands of plastic parts and used them in hundreds of industrial products. We specialize in customization and research and development of new products, and use our abundant upstream and downstream industrial resources in the production process to integrate our SOPs and try our best We can provide efficiency and save cost for our customers in every aspect of mass production.

The feasibility of the table?

Shengwei has spent many years in the mastery and application of plastic materials, and has many resin raw material supplier partners to provide customers with the most suitable materials and suggestions; in terms of surface treatment, it also cooperates with many professional manufacturers in one-stop In terms of convenient operation, it provides almost all the plastic material effects on the market, and can even complete the special customized needs of customers.

Assembly confirmation

Shengwei’s one-stop and complete service can reduce delivery time and overall cost. We flexibly provide various combination options from surface treatment, assembly, packaging, and direct shipment. Our automatic/semi-automatic/manual production lines are all available. Allowing our customers to choose freely, online direct assembly can effectively save time and save shipping costs.

Valuation. Quotation

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