Chen Way is a professional plastic injection mold manufacturer. We are capable of designing ourselves customized mold, effectively shortening the delivery time of your overall supply chain, as well as conducting quality control.

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In terms of requirement for quality, improvement of precision, and avoidance of costs for secondary processing, Chen Way has never ceased to introduce new technology and techniques to our company, such as double-injection (dual-material/dual color), gas-assisted injection molding, multi-color molding…etc., contriving to produce best quality products at the competitive prices for customers, and make delivery within the shortest period of time.

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Post Processing

Chen Way provides complete and high-quality post-processing services, including parts assembly, surface treatment, cutting, and packaging. Therefore we can effectively shorten your time to delivery, and help economize your overall costs by providing complete one-stop services that meet your needs.

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Need Help ?

If you have any query, or wish to know more about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

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