Single/Double Injection (Dual Colors/Dual Materials)

Chen Way has proficient plastic injection techniques, specializing in making products in elaborate shapes. Please feel free to contact us for a discussion if you have a project to work on for plastic parts used in all kinds of mechanical and electronic devices.

In consideration of quality, precision improvement, environment protection, as well as avoidance of secondary processing which will generate surcharges, Chen Way continuously acquires new techniques, such as double-injection, gas-assisted injection, multi-color injection etc., and strives to deliver best quality products at competitive prices within the quickest lead-times.


For the selection of plastic materials — PA polyamide (NYLON), ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer), PC (polycarbonate), PP polypropylene, PU (polyurethane) and Other composite materials), we provide professional recommendations and analysis of physical properties.

In main factory site, Chen Way owns 16 units of various injection molding machinery, which are also equipped with additional device such as mold temperature controller, dehumidification dryer, static elimination machine, electronic measuring machine, conveyor, balancing machine, etc., therefore our products are more stable in terms of quality, and more cost-effective as a result.
In addition, Chen Way has a second factory site, which provides extra production space and helps increase our production capacity; therefore we can shorten the time-to-market of customers’ products, even in peak season.

We devote ourselves to double-injection techniques, which save time and efforts resulted from secondary processing and therefore further reduce costs. Aside from enhancing the appearance of products, double-injection aids in simplifying the internal construction of products, and further allows to flexible application possibilities. Take the keyboard for example; by using the double injection technology (bi-color/bi-material) to form the letters directly on keyboard keys, the quality will upgrade and become water-resistant and it also simplifies assembly procedures.

One-Stop Service Provider

Chen Way is capable of providing one-stop services through the integration of mold designing, plastic injection molding, plus full-/semi-automatic and manual assembly lines.

Equipment table

Single Injection Machine/Tonnes Qty Double Injection Machine/Tonnes Qty
55T 1 160T 1
60T 1 210T 1
110T 1 250T 4
140T 1
150T 2
220T 1
300T 1
350T 1
500T 1
Inside Micrometer 1
Caliper 3
Thickness Gauge 1
Block Gauge 1
Height Gauge 1
MI Machine 1
Aberration Machine 1
2.5D Machine 1

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