Single/dual material injection molding

Shengwei specializes in plastic injection molding technology, specializing in the production of plastic products with complex shapes. Any plastic parts and components of various mechanical and electronic products are welcome to consult and negotiate.

For quality requirements, precision improvement, environmental protection considerations, and cost savings in secondary processing, Shengwei continues to introduce new technologies, such as two-material co-injection molding, gas-assisted injection molding, multi-color molding, etc., and is committed to the shortest In the delivery time, we will bring customers the highest quality products at the lowest price


For the selection of plastic materials (PA polyamide (NYLON), ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer), PC (polycarbonate), PP polypropylene, PU (polyurethane) and Other composite materials), we provide professional recommendations and analysis of physical properties

Shengwei has 16 various injection molding machines in our factory, and another factory site provides additional production space, so that your products can come to the market more quickly and efficiently

And there are various additional equipment on the machine, such as: mold temperature controller, dehumidification dryer, static elimination machine, electronic measuring machine, conveyor, balancing machine, etc., to make the product quality more stable, thereby effectively reducing costs

Shengwei specializes in two-color/two-material injection technology, which can reduce the need for secondary processing to reduce costs. While beautifying the appearance, it can also save the application of product internal space and bring more flexible application changes.

For example: the text on the keyboard keys is directly formed in two colors/two materials, which has good texture and can achieve waterproof effect, while reducing assembly procedures.

One-stop complete service

Combining mold design, plastic injection molding, and fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual assembly lines, Shengwei can provide one-stop service.

Equipment table

YC-E220X 220T/Sigle Injection Machine 義展 520 * 510
YC-E150S 150T/Sigle Injection Machine 義展 470 * 460
DC-210 210T/Double Injection Machine 樺欽 520 * 500
DC-250 250T/Double Injection Machine 樺欽 860*460
DC-250 250T/Double Injection Machine 樺欽 580*520
YC-E110H 110T/Sigle Injection Machine 義展 420*400
DC-210 210T/Double Injection Machine 樺欽 520*500
SM-150T 150T/Sigle Injection Machine 震雄 470*460
SM-150T 150T/Sigle Injection Machine 震雄 470*460
DC-250 250T/Double Injection Machine 樺欽 570*550
DC-250 250T/Double Injection Machine 樺欽 570*550
OS140DH 140T/Sigle Injection Machine 超群 460*460
VC-60V 60T / Sigle Injection Machine 義展 300*300
VA-300 300T / Sigle Injection Machine 義展 610*610
350T 350T / Sigle Injection Machine 富強鑫 700*670
DC-160 160T / Double Injection Machine 樺欽 470*440
CLF-500T 500T / Sigle Injection Machine 全立發 770*660
V4S55T 55T / Single Injection Upright Machine 百塑 440*240
Inside Micrometer 1
Caliper 3
Thickness Gauge 1
Block Gauge 1
Height Gauge 1
MI Machine 1
Aberration Machine 1
2.5D Machine 1

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