Customized mold (single and double material)

Shengwei Plastics is a professional plastic injection mold manufacturing company. We have the ability to customize the design of molds, effectively shorten the delivery time of your overall supply chain, and control the success or failure of product quality plastic processing. The big factor is The quality of the mold; Shengwei uses the analysis of scientific instruments and years of experience to accurately adjust various parameters to manufacture high-quality and durable molds

Mold design

Mold design

Shengwei uses a hot runner system to speed up production time and extend mold life; we also specialize in challenging projects such as two-shot molds, three-plate molds, and vertical injection molds, providing you with more product choices

Mold making

Shengwei has experienced and experienced mold masters, with the most advanced CNC lathe and milling machine equipment, high-precision E.D.M, so we can produce high-quality and high-precision molds

Mold maintenance

Each mold has its life span, which mainly depends on the mold material and output requirements. Shengwei also provides a variety of materials for customers to choose

  • Completely processed molds are guaranteed to have 300,000 shots, and usually exceed this number

  • During the normal life of the mold, Shengwei provides maintenance and repair services

One-stop complete service

Combining mold design, plastic injection molding, and fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual assembly lines, Shengwei can provide one-stop service.

Mold opening material

Mold material





p3 200,000 25-30

Automobile parts

Steel has low carbon content, good cold plasticity, and high extrusion performance. After forming, the surface carburizing and quenching improves the surface hardness and has a long service life. Ultra-low carbon core can minimize deformation during quenching

p5 200,000 29-33

Automobile parts

Requires good cold plasticity, high extrusion performance, surface carburizing and quenching after forming to increase surface hardness and long service life

p20 400,000 29-33

Transparent products, auto parts, home appliances, PC materials

It is generally used in general, with good comprehensive mechanical properties, high hardenability, and good polishability. Suitable for die-casting low-point metals

NAK80 400,000 38 Transparent products

Mirror steel, for bright surface

SKD61 1,000,000 50 customized

It can be heat treated and plated with titanium. After the heat treatment, there are only 3 treatment methods: electric discharge, grinding and wire cutting, easy cutting

stavax420 >1,000,000 45-58

Special environmental requirements, optical products, suitable for almost all molds

Combining wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it has good polishability, quenching stability, and can provide excellent workability

Equipment table

E.D.M 3
Milling 2
Grinder 2
Lathe 1

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