Post Processing

Chen Way’s high-quality post processing services include parts assembly, serface treatment, cutting, and product packaging.
By providing complete one-stop services, Chen Way can absolutely shorten time-to-deliverables, and save overall production costs.

Post Processing


Our automatic/semi-automatic assembly lines can minimize labor costs, cut customers’ costs and considerably shorten production lead-times.

Our various assembly services include:
* Design and manufacture of fixture for special usage
* Electronic parts assembly processing
* DVR assembly, testing and packaging
* Fixture designing and manufacturing
* Semi-finished chassis assembly
* Glue dispensing (automatic and/or semi-automatic)

Surface Treatment

The different effects of a plastic product depend upon the finishing. Fine finishing techniques not only simulate the texture and tactile perception, but also improve products’ functionality, such as water-resistance, corrosion-resistance, heat-resistance, slip-resistance, or even increase resistance of heat and abrasion. Chen Way’s surface treatment services include:

* Painting
* UV
* Coating
* Matte
* Texuring/Polishing
* Various Numbers
* Leather


We provide professional CNC cutting service for customers.

One-Stop Service Provider

Chen Way is capable of providing one-stop services through the integration of mold designing, plastic injection molding, plus full-/semi-automatic and manual assembly lines.

Equipment table

Single Color Pad Printer 80*45*120 6 Suitable for uneven printing surface
Multiple Colors Pad Printer 80*45*120 3 Suitable for uneven and multi-color printing surface
Screen Printing Machine 24*45*120 30
Auto Screen Printing Machine 8 Flat surface
Conveyer Line 12M*0.6W 2
UV Curing Equipment 1 Suitable for printing
Thermal Welder Machine 8 Suitable for assembly
Hot Stamping Machine 1
Automatic Spray Line 80M 1 Mass production for PDA、USB、MP3、MP4、GPS 3C Peripherals.
Auto-robotic Spray Line 2 Mass production for LCD、Notebook、projector.
Static Oven 135*70*16 1 High temp to dry
Portable Electrostatic Dust Removal Gun 37*25*13 4 Suitable Robotic
Automatic Electrostatic Dust Removal Gun 37*25*13 8 Suitable for auto spray painting line
Clean Room 150坪 1 Class 10,000 clean room

Need Help ?

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