Chenwai provides complete and high-quality post-processing services, including parts assembly, surface treatment, cutting, and finished product packaging, which can effectively shorten your delivery time, save overall costs, and provide you with the complete package you need. Station service.



Our automatic/semi-automatic assembly line can minimize labor costs, save costs for customers, and greatly shorten delivery time.

Various assembly technology options:

  • Special tool design

  • Electronic parts assembly processing

  • Monitor finished product group test package

  • General rule tool design subcontractor

  • Chassis semi-finished product assembly

  • Dispensing (automatic and semi-automatic)

Surface treatment

The surface treatment allows the plastic products to show various changes. The high-quality surface treatment technology not only makes the texture and touch extremely simulated, but also gives the product more functionality, such as: increased water resistance, corrosion resistance, non-slip properties, and more resistance Abrasion or heat resistance, etc., Shengwei provides a variety of surface treatment technology options:

  • painting
    • UV
  • coating
    • Matte

    • Biting/polishing

    • Various numbers

  • leather


We provide customers with professional CNC cutting services

One-stop complete service

Combining mold design, plastic injection molding, and fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual assembly lines, Shengwei can provide one-stop service

Equipment table

Single Color Pad Printer 80*45*120 6 Suitable for uneven printing surface
Multiple Colors Pad Printer 80*45*120 3 Suitable for uneven and multi-color printing surface
Screen Printing Machine 24*45*120 30
Auto Screen Printing Machine 8 Flat surface
Conveyer Line 12M*0.6W 2
UV Curing Equipment 1 Suitable for printing
Thermal Welder Machine 8 Suitable for assembly
Hot Stamping Machine 1
Automatic Spray Line 80M 1 Mass production for PDA、USB、MP3、MP4、GPS 3C Peripherals.
Auto-robotic Spray Line 2 Mass production for LCD、Notebook、projector.
Static Oven 135*70*16 1 High temp to dry
Portable Electrostatic Dust Removal Gun 37*25*13 4 Suitable Robotic
Automatic Electrostatic Dust Removal Gun 37*25*13 8 Suitable for auto spray painting line
Clean Room 150坪 1 Class 10,000 clean room

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